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Goalie University

"One Puck At A Time"


At Goalie University, puck-stoppers receive a comprehensive on-ice and off-ice education on the craziest, hardest, funnest position in all of sports. In a positive learning environment, goalies are encouraged to discover and hone their own personal style while always developing their fundamentals. After all, you have to know the rules before you can break them!


By instilling good habits and hammering out the bad ones, goaltending can become second nature, totally reactive. Practice is the biggest part of preparation. At Goalie University, we work hard and we work smart, tailoring our curriculum to each specific goalie's ability and personality. Once they've prepared, they'll have nothing to be nervous about - they'll just play!


We don't just focus on the fundamentals of goaltending. We create a healthily competitive environment in which goalies are encouraged to push themselves, support one another, and stay humble and motivated.


"As goalies, the best thing we can do is just control ourselves and the way that we react to the chaos Out There. At Goalie University, we prepare our players with cutting-edge coaching tactics and an emphasis on character, improving you today to make a better goalie for tomorrow."

-Coach Danny Vitale

Youth Lessons


Character counts at GU. We hold our youth goalies accountable to be hard-working, humble and positive. With perseverance, they’ll learn that they’re capable of more than they knew, and they’ll soon move on to higher levels!


Our curriculum emphasizes skating. The game today is so fast that goalies have to constantly be moving to stay in the right position. Then, with our staff of elite shooters, we can implement those skating skills into puck-stopping tactics and game situations in a fast-paced environment.


Off-ice sessions are included in GU Packages. We train muscles specific to goaltending with creative and rigorous exercises — it won’t be easy, but it’s sure to make you better!


On-ice lessons take place in competitive small group settings with a goalie-to-coach ratio of 2:1 — please contact Coach Danny about requests for one-on-one lessons.

Adult Lessons


Whether you’re new to the position or want to move up the adult league ranks, Goalie University will help improve your game. Adult goalies will be placed with other adults, or else have the benefit of one-on-one lessons early in the morning or during the day. Schedule a lesson or contact Coach Danny for inquiries!


Our curriculum focuses on skating. The game today is so fast that goalies have to constantly be moving to stay in the right position. Then we can implement those skating skills into puck-stopping tactics and game situations in a fast-paced environment.


With supplemented rigorous off-ice training, we’ll get you quicker and stronger so that when pucks start coming your way, you’ll be in position to stop them. Check out our GU Packages for options.

GU Lesson Rates

Group Lessons


Price includes $70 for lesson fee, plus $12 Valley Ice Center goalie fee

Group Lessons include either 2-3 goalies (one coach, one net) or 4 goalies (one coach, one coach/shooter, two nets).

Private Lessons


Price includes $200 for lesson fee, plus $12 Valley Ice Center goalie fee

Private Lessons are one-on-one between a goalie and coach. These will only be held during morning slots.

Off-Ice Training

Goalie University is currently working with Natty Hatty Off-Ice training Center to secure gym slots for goalie-specific off-ice training. Stay tuned.

Cancellation Policy:

Same-day cancellations will be charged as a lesson.

If you need to reschedule your weekly lesson day, please contact me at least 24 hours in advance.

Coach Danny Vitale

2021 Summer Camp

Who wants to get better at goalie?!

Welcome to the sixth Goalie University camp, where Southern California's goalies take part in an intensive on-ice, off-ice, and video analysis training program. At this five-day camp, we combine technical innovations to goaltending with an analysis of game situations to help you hone your puck-stopping skills before the season starts.

Coach Danny Vitale has crafted a camp curriculum that applies to goalies across all ages and skill levels while also focusing on the particularities of each individual goalie's game. He comes staffed with trained, experienced goalie coaches and high-level shooters to keep the pace high and the coaching constant.

Space is limited! We cap at 18 to ensure goalies get the reps necessary to get better. Make sure to save your spot in the box below.

All ages and skill levels are welcome. No goalie is too good or too new to be on the ice with any other!

Monday July 12 through Friday July 16

Every day schedule is as follows:

8:15a.m. to 9:15a.m. On-Ice

9:30a.m. to 10:20a.m. Off-ice

10:30a.m. to 11:20a.m. Video Session

11:45a.m. to 12:45p.m. On-Ice

*Please bring your own (healthy, nutritious, energizing) lunch to eat at the beginning of the video session.


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Goalie University Summer Camp

June 25th-29th, 2018

LA Kings Valley Ice Center

Welcome to the Goalie University Valley Summer Camp!

Once tryout season has ended and you've taken a moment to relax, what are you going to do to stay sharp over the summer?

At GU, we'll keep you focused and keep your skills finely tuned so that you can be ready to impress when next season rolls around.

With two one-hour on-ice sessions, two hours of off-ice training, and an hour of film and tactics discussion each day, our staff of GU-certified coaches give you the tools to take your game to the next level.

It's pretty simple what we ask of our goalies: 100% effort, all the time. But we don't just focus on the fundamentals of goaltending. After all, we're coaching people. Character counts at GU, and there's no substitute for the right attitude - perseverance, humility, a willingness to learn.

SPACE IS LIMITED! We cap at 21 to ensure that every goaltender gets the reps necessary to improve.

Reach out to with inquiries.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Coach Danny

Goalie University




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